Luc James


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My music career started a little later in life.  I began piano lessons when I was 8, but it wasn’t until I was 14 when I got my first guitar.  That’s when I really began to love music, and I was hooked. I remember teaching myself some chords, and I was horrible! I would show everybody I could that I knew how to play a couple of songs, but I barely knew how to play them. I was persistent. I worked hard, and I kept getting better and better. I even started playing with a couple of bands. Because of my early struggles with music it is real joy to see a kid get a song for the first time, play their first concert, and have some early success with music. Music can be this big, amazing journey. Being a guide on that journey and watching them grow10957018_802244556524786_9196901790187667383_n

is the reason why I love what I do. For me, music lessons should be fun, not just a chore and I love making lessons accessible and attainable for all.

I enjoy listening to Tom Petty, Kings of Leon, and U2. I can listen to them over and over, for months at a time. Having played in bands since I was 16, mostly original bands and a couple cover bands. I’ve found that playing with a group and learning how to work as a team, is one of the best ways to get better. Some of the bands I’ve played in are ‘Different’, ‘Hewson’, Electric Stayt’, ‘She Said’, and ‘The Disclaimers’.10255278_884704221542017_7118598945046834214_n