Gear We Use

Guitar Accessories

This capo is a favorite among students and staff alike.

A 12-pack of medium thickness guitar picks. These are great if you don’t want to buy a larger quantity.

This pack of 144 picks will guarantee you can at least find one somewhere. Pick a medium thickness for an easier strum or heavy thickness for overall better tone.

This alternate pick is nice for the star-shaped hole in the center which allows your fingers to contact and keep a grip a little bit easier.

You can’t beat these clip-on tuners for ease of use and portability.

These are high quality, great sounding strings for acoustic guitar.

Standard electric guitar strings. Go with the recommended light string gauge for playability.

Full Size Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars

For an acoustic guitar with electronics you really can’t find much of a better deal. The guitar sounds and plays great.

Fender Squier is perhaps the most versatile beginner guitar you can find. Good for practically any genre or play style.

Ibanez offers this bass at a great price point. It’s a fantastic instrument to start on.

This bass from Music Man comes in at a bit more than the Ibanez, but it’s a great alternative. Music Man is known for high quality instruments.

3/4 Size Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars

For younger learners this 3/4 size acoustic makes it much easier to practice and play. It can take some time to grow into a full-size acoustic guitar.

A full package kit for starting to play electric guitar.

Bass guitar is generally larger and more awkward to hold than a standard electric guitar, so this smaller size is a great place to start.

Guitar & Bass Amps

Great Solid State Amp with built in effects and some extra bells and whistles that gives you a good jump ahead of a regular practice amp.

Great amp to start for a tube amp which will give you a rich sound and amazing tone.

Ampeg is a great brand and either this or the 1×12 version of this amp is great for any bass player needing a new rig.


A somewhat smaller ukulele great for younger beginners. It comes with electronics so it can be plugged in and easily amplified.

This standard size ukulele will suit pretty much anyone. Onboard electronics make it ideal for playing in a band or at a performance.

Guitar capos can be a little too large for proper use with a ukulele, so this is a smaller alternative.

Drums and Accessories

It’s hard to beat the quality of this drum kit for the price. A great and versatile kit.

A standard 4-pack of drum sticks. Sticks get worn over time so it’s handy to keep some extras around.

This alternative 4-pack of sticks is a little bit more expensive, but Promark is a trusted name.

Sticks with a grip. To keep from dropping or flinging them while playing these are coated and no matter how hard you’re playing you can keep a good grip.


Casio is a trusted name in keyboards. The weighted keys provide an authentic piano feel on this digital keyboard. It also boasts a full 88 keys to accommodate the full range of possibilities.

Supplemental & lesson books

Great beginner theory book to get a guitarist started on the journey of theory.

Great addition to the regular Bastien books we use in our piano lessons.